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The Word

Student Handbook

Welcome to The Word 2023-2024

The Word student handbook contains information and resources to help you create your Carnegie Mellon experience and embrace your role as a valued member of our university.

At Carnegie Mellon, our ambition is that all students will reach their highest potential in the areas of intellectual and artistic pursuits, personal well-being, professional development, leadership, and contribution to the larger community.

Community membership affords many privileges and likewise responsibilities as we all uphold the standards of our university. To ensure you are knowledgeable of the university’s expectations and the process that will be followed if standards are not met, this handbook articulates the rights and responsibilities afforded to and expected of each member of our community.  

We hope you will take advantage of this handbook as you prepare for your successful Carnegie Mellon experience.

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Amy Burkert                                     Gina Casalegno
Vice Provost for Education                Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students