Carnegie Mellon University

Why CMU for Humanities & Social Sciences?

If you want to study the humanities and social sciences under world-class faculty whose research, work and expertise routinely influences public policy, science, health and different cultures around the world, then you want to be at Carnegie Mellon University.

The Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences trains students to be leaders and critical thinkers who use their interdisciplinary-based education as a launching pad for successful and varied careers. Students in the Dietrich College also have the freedom to explore and shape their academic paths to fit their interests and goals.

Explore More Than One Field

Interested in technical writing and statistics? Or Japanese Studies and mathematical sciences?

Carnegie Mellon is a full service university, so you can take courses outside of Dietrich College and explore whatever interests you. Dietrich College also has a flexible approach to general education, which gives you more choices for meeting your requirements. Or you can chart your own path with a student-defined major.

Approachable, Expert Faculty

Dietrich College faculty members are known across the world for their research discoveries, contributions to fresh historical perspectives and literary analysis and for their own creative genius. They bring this expertise to the classroom, giving Dietrich College students access to cutting-edge instruction directly from the source.

Innovative Curricula

Dietrich College faculty and administrators constantly tap into their ingenuity and push past discipline boundaries to offer a state-of-the-art curriculum. Dietrich College students have the opportunities to publish creative pieces, interact with world leaders, participate in important research studies and create software solutions for non-profits.

Interdisciplinary Nature

Complex problems most often cannot be solved within the confines of one discipline. At Carnegie Mellon and within the Dietrich College, interdisciplinary is not just a word – it is a way of life. Psychologists work with computer scientists to uncover how the brain works, decision scientists work with historians and ethicists to develop best practices for human rights issues, statisticians work with geneticists to discover more about the genetic makeup of autism. And, the list goes on.

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