Carnegie Mellon University

The Dietrich College offers several programs to support an honors education:

Humanities Scholars Program

The Humanities Scholars Program exemplifies the unique nature of the humanities at Carnegie Mellon: interdisciplinary research in a technology rich environment, with an open and forward-thinking stance towards the arts and sciences as well as the traditions and values of humanistic inquiry. It is a four-year interdisciplinary program open by invitation to outstanding Dietrich College applicants.  The Scholars Program enriches the undergraduate experience by building a vibrant community of scholars.
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Quantitative Social Science Scholars Program

In recent years, increasingly powerful computational models of human behavior and the growth of data sets recording economic and social activity have created exciting new possibilities for entrepreneurs, policymakers and scholars seeking insight into human social behavior. The Quantitative Social Science Scholars Program (QSSS) s designed to help outstanding undergraduates acquire advanced quantitative technical skills they can use to impact society as entrepreneurs, policymakers, or social scientists.
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Science and Humanities Scholars Program

The Science and Humanities Scholars Program is an innovative program that is designed to enable talented students to develop an undergraduate curricular program that builds upon their interests and achievements in the humanities, natural sciences, mathematics, or social sciences. The program is based on a special general education core that provides an academic base from which students can select a major in either the Dietrich College or the Mellon College of Science.
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Senior Honors Program

The Dietrich College Senior Honors Program is an opportunity for the college's most accomplished and promising seniors to work independently, with the close guidance of a faculty member, in the design and completion of a year-long scholarly or creative project. The "Honors Program experience" was conceived as an integrative and fulfilling capstone for student participants, as well as a vehicle for creating a distinguished scholarly and creative undergraduate student community.
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