Carnegie Mellon University

The CPDC is pleased to offer resources related to the following topics:

Career Exploration

  • Resources to help Identify Interests and explore options
  • Grow your connections through networking
  • Consider graduate school

Resume & Cover Letters

  • Sample resumes and cover letters by college/industry
  • Quick Tip guides for building your resume, cover letter or online portfolio
  • Other professional communications

Resources by College

  • College and/or industry-specific career resources for students
  • Topics include: CPDC Career Consultant contacts, industry guides, tips sheets, external job search resources, etc.

Career Fair Preparation

  • Get ready for both in-person and virtual career fairs and events
  • What is an information session and how can it help me?

Jobs & Internships

  • How to research companies, network, interview, negotiate offers, etc.

  • CPDC Ethical Job Search Policy
  • Identify fraudulent employers or jobs
  • On-campus employment


  • Online recruiting and job search platform
  • Information specifically for students, employers, faculty/staff, alumni and on-campus employers

Artificial Intelligence Guidance

  • Tips for navigating AI landscape during career search
  • AI platforms exclusively for CMU students
  • ChatGPT limitations and recommendations


  • Virtual mentoring program connecting students with alumni mentors
  • Includes recommendations and responsibilities for using CMUniverse as either a student or alumni mentor

Video, Audio & External Links

  • VIDEO: CPDC YouTube Channel (Past webinars, employer panels, etc.)
  • AUDIO: Scotty Stories Podcast (Interviews with CMU alumni)
  • EXTERNAL LINKS: More career resources and tools, including tips for LINKEDIN profile headshots