Carnegie Mellon University

Amber Sestilio

Amber Sestilio

M.A. in Rhetoric

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Area of Study

MA in Rhetoric


My current work employs political and feminist rhetoric to examine democratic and social justice movements in America, mainly studying the Abolitionist, Temperance, and Women's Suffrage Movements. I apply an intersectional lens and use visual, visceral, and body/embodied rhetoric to recognize and evaluate in/exclusive practices within these movements. I am also intrigued by conservative rhetoric and public policy following human rights progress.

My work takes up additional interests in queer theory, hermeneutics, critical race theory, autoethnography, and affect theory to uncover narratives of oppressed and underrepresented groups and analyze how the public responds to stories of exclusion, persecution, and trauma.


  • B.A. in English Literature and Cultural Studies, University of South Florida
  • A.A. in Education, Hillsborough Community College


Feminist rhetorics, political rhetorics, exclusionary rhetoric, affect theory, autoethnography.