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Tuition Costs and Funding Opportunities

The Department of English strives to make its graduate programs financially accessible to all our students.

Students accepted into the Literary and Cultural Studies program receive a departmental scholarship that is applied directly to tuition costs. The scholarship amounts to about a 45% reduction in tuition and is split between the fall and spring semesters.

2022-2023 Tuition and Related Costs

Rates may change annually, please reference the Dietrich College Student Financial Services webpage for the latest rate information.

Graduate Students are responsible for the following costs for the program:

Fall Semester Spring Semester TOTAL COST
Tuition $24,280 $24,280 $48,560
Student Activities Fee $114 $114 $228
Transportation Fee $125 $125 $250
Technology Fee $225 $225 $450
BASE TOTAL $24,744 $24,744 $49,488
Max Scholarship ($11,025) ($11,025) ($22,050)
NET TOTAL $13,719 $13,719 $27,438

Note: Graduate Students are also responsible for securing medical insurance. Insurance can be purchased directly from the University unless an insurance waiver is approved.  Please review the University Health Services website for full details.

2022-2023 Funding Opportunities


Students accepted into the Literary and Cultural Studies M.A. program may be eligible for Departmental Scholarships which cover up to $22,050 of annual Tuition Costs

Research Assistantships (RA-ships)

Full-time and part-time M.A. LCS students receive partial tuition remission and have opportunities to act as paid research assistants( to faculty members on a variety of projects; for example:

  • creating digital and conventional archive
  • editing a range of documents, from textbooks to scholarly articles
  • assisting with documentation

If accepted applicants choose to join the program, they will have the opportunity to apply for additional financial support through paid research assistantships. Graduate students work with faculty members on a wide array of assignments designed to supplement their coursework and to give them valuable professional experience. These positions generally involve 5-10 hours of work per week at $13/hour. Available positions are generally advertised to incoming students at the beginning of each fall term. While there is no guarantee of an RA-ship, the majority of English graduate students typically hold such a position at some point during their time in the program.

Consulting for Communication Support

Who is eligible: All admitted graduate students are invited to apply for a consulting position with Communication Support
Amount: ~$18/hr

Communication Support, a part of the Student Academic Success Center (SASC) has trained consultants who are ready to help CMU students, faculty, and staff with any kind of written, verbal, or visual project. SASC and Communication Support strive to help make sure ideas are clear and communicated effectively. Communication Support offers free consulting Sunday through Friday, and free workshops regularly throughout the semester.