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Late/Make-up Work Policy

In writing your own late/make-up work policies, consider the following questions:

  • Will you allow students to submit late work? If so, up until what point (e.g., 24 hours after the assignment is due? 1 week after the assignment is due?)? Will students lose credit for submitting work late, and if so how much?
  • Will you allow students to make-up in-class exams or work? If so, do students need to request a make-up before the exams/assignment occurs? Is there a deadline after which the exam/assignment cannot be made up (e.g., after you’ve returned the exam/assignment) to other students?
  • For late work or make-up work, do students need to produce documentation of their excuse (e.g., doctor’s note)? Must they submit this prior to missing the assignment or can they submit it afterwards?
  • Are there some assignments that can be submitted late (e.g., homeworks) and other that cannot (e.g., exams)?

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Sample: Late/Make-up work policy