Carnegie Mellon University

Senior Administration 

Carnegie Mellon is led by a visionary administrative team deeply committed to delivering a transformative and innovative educational experience. CMU vice presidents and senior leadership supervise institutional operations through their administrative units. All members of the administrative leadership team report directly to the president.

A photo of Laurie Weingart

Laurie R. Weingart

Interim Provost and Chief Academic Officer

A photo of Angela Blanton

Angela Blanton

Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer

A photo of Gina Casalegno

Gina Casalegno

Vice President, Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Mary Jo Dively

Mary Jo Dively

Vice President and General Counsel

A photo of Charles A. Kennedy

Charles A. Kennedy

Chief Investment Officer
Investment Office

A portrait of Cathy Light

Cathy Light

Secretary of the Corporation and Advisor to the President

A portrait of Rodney McClendon

Rodney McClendon

Vice President, Division of Operations

A portrait of Scott Mory

Scott Mory

Vice President, University Advancement and Interim Vice President, Marketing & Communications

A picture of Paul Nielsen

Paul Nielsen

Director and CEO of the Software Engineering Institute

A photo of Daryl Weinert

Daryl Weinert

Chief of Staff and Vice President, Strategic Initiatives