Carnegie Mellon University
May 23, 2024

Phi Beta Kappa Inducts Dietrich Students from Class of 2024

By Rebecca Kane

On May 9, 2024, Carnegie Mellon University’s chapter of Phi Beta Kappa (PBK) inducted 56 students, 21 of whom are affiliated with the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Phi Beta Kappa was founded in 1776 with the primary goal of emphasizing the intrinsic value of liberal arts and science education, along with championing the notion of freedom of thought.

Each year, the 293 PBK chapters across the country induct juniors and seniors who have demonstrated academic excellence in their arts and sciences education. Listed below are this academic year’s Dietrich College inductees along with their fields of study:

Sarah Abrams: Technical Writing & Communication

Amor Ai: Statistics; Psychology

Keilani Barba: International Relations and Political Science; Professional Writing

Oliver Bauer: Economics and Politics

Amelia Boose: Decision Science; Behavioral Economics

Gavin Burke: Logic and Computation

Madeline Burke: Neuroscience

Aiwen Chen: Neuroscience

Chris Crawford: Computer Science, Chinese Studies minor

Kaiwen Geng: Statistics and Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligence

Letian Huang: Psychology; Philosophy (dual degrees)

Jo-Michelle Huczko: Ethics, History & Public Policy; International Relations and Political Science 

Sanjana Krishna: Neuroscience

Kaisa Lee: Ethics, History & Public Policy; Drama

Sophia Levin: Creative Writing; Social and Political History

Megan Matsko: Psychology

Nicholas Mlakar: International Relations and Political Science; Social and Political History

Shravya Nandyala: Artificial Intelligence and Russian Studies

Marissa Pekular: International Relations and Political Science

Adriana Poznanski: Information Systems; Human-Computer Interaction

Lee Wang: Economics; Ethics, History, and Public Policy (dual degrees)

Emmeline Wetzel: Information Systems

Rachel Wilson: Computer Science, Hispanic Studies minor

Zhiyu Yu: Statistics

Cheryl Zhang: Humanities Analytics and Music Performance, French and Francophone Studies

A bagpiper dressed in a kilt mugs for the camera; the procession of PBK inductees in their graduation regalia stand behind him.
PBK inductees and bagpiper mug for the camera.
Four PBK inductees in regalia pose with a bagpiper in a kilt.
PBK inductees pose with the bagpiper outside the CUC.
PBK inductees process across campus; a happy student waves to the camera.
PBK inductees process across campus.
PBK inductees process across campus; a student at the front of the line smiles proudly.
PBK inductees process across campus.
PBK students process across campus; the student at the front of the line laughs, embarrassed and pleased.
PBK inductees process across campus.
PBK inductees sit on stage during graduation; a large PBK logo is projected behind them and a speaker stands at the podium.
PBK inductees gather for their ceremony.