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Attention Students: This page is intended for CMU staff and faculty. Students who wish to access or learn more about Stellic may visit The HUB website

Stellic Degree Audit Application

What is Stellic?

The Stellic Degree Audit Application is a student-driven, collaborative academic planning tool that employs the university’s undergraduate catalog and degree requirements to assist students with schedule planning and in meeting their degree requirements.


The Stellic Degree Audit Application is a student success platform which includes degree planning tools in addition to a degree audit. The Stellic degree planner allows a student to drag and drop courses from the course search into their degree plan, checking for pre-requisites first. The degree planner also shows the interrelationships between courses, such as which courses are pre-requisites or co-requisites. The Stellic degree audit displays a student’s progress towards degree requirements while allowing for double-counting and exception making. In addition, the Stellic application has other advising tools including notes, chat, and advisor alert functionalities.