Carnegie Mellon University

Google Drive

An integrated, cloud-based, file storage service that is part of the G Suite all-in-one solution. Drive offers a personal, unlimited storage solution that is set up within all G Suite accounts.

Optional Features and Apps

  • Drive App - access and edit your files from iOS and Android devices.
  • Drive File Stream - stream Drive and Team Drive files from the cloud to your desktop and sync selected files and folders.
  • File Recovery - deleted email and files are retained in the trash for 25 days.
  • Team Drives - offers unlimited storage and enhanced collaboration for teams. Team Drive files belong to an entire team, not an individual. If a member leaves a team, the files remain so that the team can continue working without interruption. Available by request for all students, faculty and staff.
  • Web Access - access and edit files stored in Drive through a web browser.


Students, faculty and staff


  • My Drive - students receive G Suite @ CMU when their Andrew account is created. Faculty, staff, and graduate students should check with their department for eligibility.
  • Team Drives - anyone with access to the Google Apps @CMU domain may request a Team Drive.