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Teaching Consultant Fellow Program

(note: formerly the Graduate Teaching Fellows program)

What are Teaching Consultant Fellows (TCFs)?

TCFs are a group of experienced, effective TAs, graduate student instructors, and postdoctoral fellows who work with the Eberly Center to support the professional development of CMU graduate students and postdocs regarding teaching. All TCFs receive training in consulting techniques, workshop design and facilitation, and evidence-based teaching strategies from the Eberly Center. 

What services do TCFs provide?

TCFs provide many critical consultation services for graduate students, including

  • Classroom/guest lecture observations
  • Lesson Planning Review
  • Course & Syllabus Design 
  • Statement of Teaching Philosophy 
  • Future Faculty Program overviews
  • Select Eberly Center workshops and programs

What does it take to be a TCF?

Here are some of the qualities we look for in TCFs:

  • Enrollment in Ph.D. or Masters degree program, or completing a postdoctoral fellowship at CMU
  • Enrollment in the Eberly Center’s Future Faculty Program
  • Experience as a TA or instructor at the college level
  • Demonstrated interest in and commitment to teaching and learning
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Sensitivity to teaching and learning needs of graduate students at CMU

What are expectations for being a TCF?

All Teaching Consultant Fellows at the Eberly Center have the following responsibilities:

  • Participate in training on services TCFs provide
  • Meet every other week during the academic year as part of a Special Interest Group for professional developmen
  • Facilitate workshops in the Eberly Center’s Future Faculty Program.
  • Conduct Classroom Observations and associated consultations for graduate students 
  • Provide 1-on-1 consultations on teaching statements, course and syllabus designs, and lesson plans for graduate students.

In addition to the initial consultation training period, TCFs are expected to contribute around 45 hours of work per semester. This includes TCF teaching circle meetings and time for prep-work, and an average number of consultations and workshops per semester. 

TCFs are part-time positions and are typically paid hourly. They do not receive fringe benefits or tuition waivers.

Where can I learn more about being a TCF?

We are always happy to do informational interviews about the TCF program and talk to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows about educational development. Please email and put “TCF program” in the subject line if you have questions or would like to learn more.

 Note: We are currently hiring TCFs for Spring 2024! If you are interested, see attached RFA. Deadline to apply is November 22, 2023.