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Spotlight on Innovative CMU Teaching

CMU instructors are innovators. In these dynamic, 5-minute talks, faculty and graduate student instructors share their creative, transferable solutions to common teaching and learning challenges.   


Carla Bevins

 Alexis Adams

Teams That Work: Developing Effective Teams Through Evidence-Based Skills Assessment Discovery

Kim Hyatt

 Alexis Adams

Virtual Reality (VR) App: A Supplemental Instructional Tool 

Jessica Hammer

 Alexis Adams

 Improving Peer Feedback in the Classroom

Mike McCarthy & Marty Barrett

 Alexis Adams

 Does Active Learning Help? If So, How Best to Debrief it?


Alexis Adams

 Alexis Adams

 Promoting Student Participation in Whole-Group Discussions

Sarah Christian

Sarah Christian Talk

Inquiry-based Learning in Civil Engineering Materials Lab


Bex Taylor

Bex Taylor Talk

Building a class around site visits: how trips off-campus engage students, motivate their projects, and provide practice for reflective writing in engineering

Kelly Rivers

Alexa Woloshyn Talk

Collecting Solutions to Support Early Student Practice in Large Lectures

Alexa Woloshyn

Alexa Woloshyn Talk

Pushing Beyond the Canon: Celebrating Diversity and Supporting Inclusion in the Music Classroom (and Beyond)


Catalina Achim

Catalina AchimDevelopment of Tools and Methods for Teaching Writing in STEM at the Graduate Level 

Matt Bass

Matt BassEngineering Data Intensive Scalable Systems: Experiences Flipping the Classroom

Christina Bjorndahl

Christina BjorndahlHow Can You Use Active Learning and iClickers to Make a Large Lecture Feel Like a Small Class?

Drew Davidson

Drew DavidsonCollaboratively Grading Interdisciplinary Projects in ETC Courses

Reeja Jayan

Chad Hershock presenting for Reeja JayanVirtual Engineering in Minecraft: Helping Students Visualize and Manipulate Material Properties (presented by Chad Hershock)

Brian Kovak

Brian KovakActive Learning to Interpret and Critique Research

Costa Samaras

Costa SamarasSocial Media in Engineering: Connecting Course Concepts to The Real World with Twitter

Ryan Tibshirani

Ryan TibshiraniGearing Up for Research the Machine Learning Way: An Authentic In-class Conference Experience

Katie Walsh

Katie WalshCreating Historians: Using Canvas Discussion Posts to Develop Analytical Writing Skills

Beth Walter

Beth WalterTeaching Writing Skills Via Collaborative Rhetorical Analysis

Randy Weinberg

Randy WeinbergSpeed Dating Enhances Active Learning

Dave Yaron

Dave YaronChemcollective: Interactive Simulations to Promote Conceptual Learning of Chemistry


Maggie Braun

Maggie BraunMultidimensional Student Growth in a First Year Program

Daragh Byrne

Daragh ByrneThe IDeATE Gallery

Lauren Cook

Lauren CookTackling Diverse Student Backgrounds Before, During and After Class

Eleni Katrini

Eleni KatriniBlogs as Tool to Engage Students During Courses and Beyond

Aidan Kestigan

Aidan KestiganBlogging as Practice in Applied Philosophy

Jen Liu

Jen LiuSoft Fabrication: Skills-based Microcourse in Ideate

Marsha Lovett

Marsha LovettIs My Teaching Intervention Working? How Can I tell?

Molly McCarter

Molly McCarterLeadership Development through Student Choice and Reflection

Clayton Merrill, Catalina Achim

Clayton Merrill, Catalina AchimTeaching a Broad Spectrum: The Art and Science of Color

Bob Monroe

Bob MonroeTPR Hybrid MBA: Online Teaching Strategies

Clive Newstead

Clive NewsteadEngaging Students in Mathematics Through Active Learning

Jeria Quesenberry

Jeria QuesenberryEffective Strategies for Teaching Group Work

Ryan Roderick, Pierce Williams, Susan Tanner

Ryan Roderick, Pierce Williams, Susan Tanner"Wiki Wha?": Using a Wiki to Enhance Learning and Transfer

Theresa Tardio

Theresa TardioCommunity Engagement: Promising Practices in Global and Local Contexts

Bryan Webler

Bryan WeblerIf You Can't Write it Down, You Don't Understand it