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Teaching as Research Institute:
Can generative AI tools enhance student learning?

Event Date: October 9-12, 9-10 AM (4 sessions)
Location: Remote (Zoom)

Are you wondering how generative AI tools might enhance student learning and equity in CMU courses? Join a community of instructor-scholars brainstorming how to apply generative AI tools in their teaching AND measure the impacts on student learning! Prior experience with AI or educational research is NOT required.

This 4-session program will help you generate ideas for teaching innovations AND prepare to study them in your own CMU course, with tangible Eberly Center support from start to finish. Participants will:

    • Design a generative AI teaching intervention to implement and investigate, 
    • Identify data sources to measure student learning,
    • Design a study to conduct in your course, and
    • Exit with an action plan, including Eberly support, that you could submit as a Teaching as Research Fellowship proposal.

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Teaching as Research Fellowship: Generative AI

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Due November 1, 2023. 

Generative AI Teaching as Research (GAITAR) Fellows receive a $5000 award and copious in-kind support from a team of Eberly Center colleagues to:

  1. implement a teaching innovation using a generative AI tool in a Spring or Fall 2024 CMU course; 
  2. measure the impacts of the innovation on student learning; and
  3. disseminate findings at CMU and beyond.

Fellows also participate in a special interest group of instructor-scholars meeting several times per semester to discuss their successes, challenges, and lessons learned teaching with generative AI tools. 

Prior experience with generative AI or educational research is NOT required.
All CMU instructors of record are eligible to apply.

For more information, see the request for proposals.

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Special Interest Group: Teaching Teamwork

Event Date: Monday, November 27, Monday, December 4, 1:00-2:30 pm
Location 1308 Tepper Quad

Teamwork is a fundamental part of work in many disciplines and courses, but how do we teach students to work well in teams? What makes for good teamwork and how can we both support and assess students on their teamwork processes and not just their results? In this Special Interest Group (SIG), you will identify the component skills of teamwork, explore teaching strategies that support those skills, and design assessments for student teamwork skills. Through activities and discussions, you’ll apply evidence-based strategies to your own teaching context to help students develop the teamwork skills you think are most important.

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Coming Soon! Recurring Signature Eberly Center Programs

Instrumented, Technology-enhanced, Active Learning Classrooms

Proposal due date: TBD

Program duration: up to one semester of class sessions

The Eberly Center provides two instrumented technology-enhanced, active learning classrooms in the Tepper Quad. These rooms are designed to capture rich data on classroom interactions and behaviors that can be used for (a) formative feedback on your teaching and your students’ learning, (b) exploring the effect of a new technology or pedagogy you wish to incorporate in your course, (c) conducting educational research in a real class setting, and more! Faculty work closely with Eberly colleagues to design and implement their proposed use of an instrumented classroom as well as to collect, interpret, and apply any data collected.  

For more info: see examples of use cases and the classroom request form

Provost’s Inclusive Teaching Fellows

The Provost’s Inclusive Teaching Fellows program supports the development and implementation of inclusive teaching techniques by CMU faculty. Fellows develop and disseminate transferable approaches to: (1) enhance the diversity of voices or perspectives represented in course designs, and (2) increase students’ sense of belonging in a discipline. Each Fellow receives a $5,000 stipend to work closely with the Eberly Center to iterate on a CMU course they are actively teaching. Fellows also meet one or twice per month as a special interest group to explore research and strategies on inclusive teaching.

Wimmer Faculty Fellowship for the Development of Teaching

The Wimmer Faculty Fellows Program is designed to support junior faculty designing or redesigning a course by innovating course materials and/or pedagogical approaches. Each Fellow receives a $3000 fellowship to work in close collaboration with Eberly Center colleagues to design, implement, and assess the impacts of their innovations.