Carnegie Mellon University

On-Campus Student Employment

Are you considering working on campus during the semester? On-campus student employment is a great way for you to earn money while at school and also develop professional competencies that can aid you in future job searches.  

A national survey of Human Resource Directors revealed that 89% thought that work experience during college was as important as grades when hiring students! If this interests you, review the resources below for more information about working on campus.

Searching for On-Campus Jobs in Handshake

Click the links below for steps to help you search for on-campus student employment in Handshake:

On-Campus Student Employment Jobs in Handshake (Includes Work-Study Jobs) [pdf]

Graduate Students and the On-Campus Job Search [pdf]

Types of On-Campus Jobs Available to Students:

Work-Study Opportunities
Carnegie Mellon participates in two Work-Study programs:

Non-Work-Study Opportunities
If you are not eligible or did not apply for financial aid, you can still work on campus. You may apply for any on-campus student employment job without (Work-Study) in the title.

Students are paid by the hour on a bi-weekly basis through the Carnegie Mellon Payroll System.

HR Hiring & Payroll Services for Student Employees

The HR Services website provides resources and guidelines for student workers regarding payroll, completing verification forms, and using Workday. If you need additional assistance, please explore the HR Services Help page.


Workday is Carnegie Mellon's human resource system. It has a multitude of uses, but as a student, you will mainly be using it to input the hours you work bi-weekly. It is important to submit your hours in a timely manner; this gives your supervisor time to approve your hours and make sure you are paid on time. If you have any questions about tasks involving Workday, you can find answers in the My Workday Toolkit.

As a first-year student, what do I need to know about on-campus student employment?

The Student On-Campus Employment Guide contains information that will be especially helpful to you as a first-year student. In addition, many onboarding and payroll questions can be found on the HR Service Center website.

How many hours may I work?

Students may work a total of 37.5 hours per week. International students with F1 or J1 visas are allowed by immigration regulations to work on campus for up to 20 hours per week when school is in session and full time during summer and winter breaks. International students should consult with the Office of International Education about employment regulations.

What is Work-Study? How can I find out whether I have a Work-Study award, and how much it is for?

Your work-study eligibility will be listed on your Financial Aid Award Letter, which can be viewed in your SIO account. All financial aid questions should be directed to Student Financial Services or the HUB Services Center.

What do I need to do to make sure I get paid?

The Human Resources Service Center is the point of contact for a broad range of services to students working for CMU —everything from answering questions with using Workday to ensuring accurate pay.

What can I do if I want a job in my field but don't see any posted?

Try contacting the department you are interested in working for and ask for an opportunity to schedule an appointment to meet with a staff member. Even if there are no jobs available right now, positions may become available in the future.

What if I want to be a research assistant or teaching assistant?

Many professors hire students they already know through class or academic department. Get to know the professors in your area of interest. Set up an appointment to talk about your interests and ask them for advice. Let them know that you are enthusiastic and available if they need any help.

What if the department or the professors say they don't have any money to hire me?

Ask if they can offer academic credit in the form of an internship, research assistantship, or independent study. If they say yes, make sure you talk with the academic advisor for that department to find out departmental procedures for registration as well as talking to your own academic advisor.

What other local part-time jobs are available off-campus?

You can find more local part-time opportunities on Handshake.  

You can also utilize CareLink, an online service available to all  CMU faculty, staff and students where you can offer to provide services to the university community by creating a profile and posting your resume or skills summary to the site.