Carnegie Mellon University
February 23, 2016

Mentoring Matters

English major Laurnie Wilson and English Professor Jane BernsteinEnglish major Laurnie Wilson and English Professor Jane Bernstein

Since 2014, the Dietrich Honors Fellowship Program has supported the research and creative projects of 12 fellows who work closely with faculty advisors. Through the fellowship, students immerse themselves in their thesis research the summer before their senior year, and they develop lasting relationships with world-class faculty mentors that enhance their lives both academically and professionally.

But students aren’t the only ones who benefit. Professors enjoy seeing students take ownership of their projects, which include both in-depth research studies and creative output like novels and films.

Laurnie Wilson, an English and history major, is working with English Professor Jane Bernstein on a series of narratives that examine themes of growth and self-discovery from the perspective of a young woman. The multimedia project will incorporate both photography and text, illuminating the themes of the written work.

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