Carnegie Mellon University
May 09, 2016

Undergrads Shine at Meeting of the Minds

zora gilbert

From 157 presenters in 1995, Meeting of the Minds, Carnegie Mellon University’s annual undergraduate research symposium, has grown to showcase the work of over 600 students. Poster sessions, oral presentations, art installations, prototype demonstrations and performances represent diverse disciplines and research areas across the university.

Stephanie Wallach, assistant vice provost for Undergraduate Education, believes that the event is a way to invite people to get an up-close and personal look at what is important to the Carnegie Mellon community.

“Our work matters and much of it takes place beyond the public eye,” said Wallach.

She added, “It is like the academic version of Carnival: every year there are new ideas, new projects and new people who amaze you with their creativity. There is nothing predictable about the array of projects at Meeting of the Minds.”

Congratulations to the Department of English students who were among the 2016 award winners!

Award for Artistic Excellence (funded by the Center for the Arts in Society)

Jacqueline Barnes (BHA)
“Phanta Noir: An Exploration of Black Fantasy”

Dietrich Humanities Prize (funded by the Humanities Scholars Program)

Heather Cowie (Art), Joseph Hill (Drama) and Kaytie Nielsen (BHA)
“Mariannes Noir: Mosaique Afropéennes”

Danielle Lehmann (BHA)
“The Proviso: Understanding Dystopian Dualities and How They Can Be Used to Challenge Our Current Decisions and Perspectives”

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Award

Second prize: Yeon Soo Kim (Human Computer Interaction), Kristina Wagner (Human Computer Interaction and Technical Writing and Comminication), “Can We Develop New Technology to be Used by Older Adults? A Case Study, Using an Intelligent Yet Unintimidating Watch To Remind Older Adults to Take Pills and other Medication”

Psychology Department Competition

Poster Competition

Hyunho Yoon (Psychology and English), “Statistical Learning of Language and its Basis in Memory”

Read more about the 2016 Dietrich College Award Winners.

Photo: Linguistics major Zora Gilbert, who also has minors in professional writing and psychology presents her research titled, "Classroom Conversations: African American English in On-Task Class Activities" at the 2016 Meeting of the Minds.