Carnegie Mellon University
February 04, 2015

"Ploughsares" Releases Kevin González' “Villa Bohème"

"Villa Bohème"

The literary journal “Ploughshares” has released “Villa Bohème,” by assistant professor of English Kevin A. González in the latest of their digital-first series of individual long stories.

Villa Bohème is a Puerto Rican motel where, in the words of one of the "strays" who have assembled there, the people are biding their time. They drink, they play darts, they wait on the beach for something to happen. This washed-up place is run by a washed-up lawyer with one remaining client, and into it steps Tito, the lawyer's son, fourteen years old, smart and surly, fleeing his mother and her annoying boyfriend. Among the various lost people who inhabit the motel, Tito begins to make his way into adulthood, serving drinks, reading Judy Blume books in secret, fantasizing about the sexy bartender, and navigating the heady atmosphere of Puerto Rican politics.

“Villa Bohème” is available on and Kindle for $1.99.

Gonzalez is also an alumnus of CMU, having received his B.A. in creative writing and international relations in 2003.