Carnegie Mellon University
June 18, 2012

Suguru Ishizaki Wins 2011 Joenk Award

By David Golebiewski

Suguru Ishizaki Wins 2011 Joenk Award

Suguru Ishizaki, Associate Professor of English at Carnegie Mellon University, has won the IEEE Professional Communication Society’s 2011 Joenk Award for Best Paper in the Transactions. The Joenk Award recognizes an outstanding article published in this past year’s IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, a peer-reviewed journal focusing on empirical studies in the field of technical and professional communication.

“I re-directed my research to the area of professional and technical writing a few years ago, meaning I am relatively new to the field,” Ishizaki said. “So, I am especially excited to learn that my contribution is recognized by other researchers in the field.”

Ishizaki’s paper, “Assessing Typographic Knowledge Using Time Tests,” was developed to measure the typographic skills of his students and tailor his class structure to their needs. The paper is available on IEEE's digital library [subscription required].

Ishizaki previously won the IEEE Professional Communication Society’s 2009 James M. Lufkin Award for the best paper at the International Professional Communication Conference. He will receive the Joenk Award at the 2012 IPCC in Orlando, Fla. this October.