Carnegie Mellon University
April 21, 2011

David Kaufer and Danielle Wetzel Lecture in Beijing, China

kauferEnglish Department Professor David Kaufer recently held a series of workshops and lectures in Beijing, China. At Beihang University, Kaufer held seven workshops for the English Department faculty about teaching English genres in the Chinese writing classroom and incorporating technology into these classes. While at Beihang University, he also presented lectures to English majors as well as several lectures to PhD students in the School of Advanced Engineering on the western history of academic writing and publishing in English language academic journals. Additionally, Kaufer spoke at Beijing Foreign Studies University to the English Department's writing faculty on teaching upper-level advanced writing courses. And at Beijing Institute of Technology, he conferred with the Deputy Dean of Computer Science and the Dean of International Programs on ties with Carnegie Mellon's professional and technical writing programs. 

wetzelEnglish Department Professor Danielle Wetzel, Director of First-Year Writing, also gave a series of lectures and workshops at Beihang University on pedagogical frameworks for teaching academic writing.  


David Kaufer poses with students and faculty at Beihang University