Carnegie Mellon University
March 31, 2011

Faculty and Ph.D. Students to Present “Short Perspectives on the State of Academic Conferences”

As part of the English Department's Literary and Cultural Studies Colloquium, CMU faculty and students will present "Short Perspectives on the State of Academic Conferences" on March 31 at 4:30 pm in Baker Hall 255B.

Speakers will include Kristina Straub (Why I Love Conferences), Kathy Newman (Why I Hate Conferences), David Shumway (The History of the Conference), Julie Bowman (On Procrastination and Perfectionism), Rich Purcell (Speed Conferencing), Sheila Liming (Why am I at this Conference?), and recently added Dan Markowicz (On Non-academic Conferences and How We Can Use Them).

Straub NewmanShumwayBowmanPurcellLimingMarkowicz