Carnegie Mellon University
April 30, 2010

The 2010 Student Writing Award Winners

Adamson Awards | Additional Awards

Adamson Awards

Each year the Adamson Student Writing Awards are presented for student excellence in fiction, poetry, screenwriting, and non-fiction. The awards are given in honor of Pauline B. Adamson at the bequest of her husband, the late Clarence H. Adamson, as a testimonial to their marriage and her interest in the English Language and American Literature. Winners are selected by off-campus writers and the awards are presented at a formal event in the spring. Below are the winners of the 2010 Adamson Student Writing Awards:

Scholarly Journals (Judge: Ellen Smith)

Third Place: Jackie Sizemore, "The Feminine Perspective: How Point of View in Stargate Critiques American Empire."
Second Place
: Sara Keats, "The Last Bulwark': The Role of Jewish and Catholic Minorities in Pittsburgh in Combating the Plight of Working-Class Immigrants During the Great Depression"
First Place
: Heather Steffen, "Student Internships and the Privilege to Work"

Creative Nonfiction/Popular Journals (Judge: Lori Jakiela)

Honorable Mention: Sara Harenchar, "My Grandfather's Swing"
Honorable Mention
: Kim Dowd, "I Named My Amoeba Frank"
Third Place
: Allison Seger, "Two Gringos Looking for God"
Second Place
: Tony Paletta, "The Realness"
First Place
: Lucas Seidman, "Contract Killer"

Screenwriting/Playwriting (Judge: Charlotte Glynn University School of the Arts)

Honorable Mention: Gahl Pratt (playwriting), "Store People"
Honorable Mention
: Laura Patzer, "Badass Boot Camp"
Third Place
: Lillian DeRitter, "Suckers"
Second Place:
Francesca Hallman, "Not My Baby"
First Place
:  Shannon Deep (playwriting), "The Quick and the Dead"

Poetry (Judge: Aimee Nezhukumatahil)

Honorable Mention: Shannon Azzato Stephens
Honorable Mention
: Ellene G. Mobbs
Honorable Mention
: Gahl Pratt
Third Place
: Brian Burdulia
Second Place
: Allison Seger
First Place
: M. Callen

Fiction (Judge: Dustin Parons)

Third Place: Shannon Deep, "Bear; Bird"
Second Place
: Madelyn Glymour, "649 Beats Per Minute"
First Place: Shannon Azzato Stephens, "New York in the Fall"

Additional Awards

Academy of American Poets (Judge: Aimee Nezhukumatahil)

Honorable Mention: Madeline Barnes
Honorable Mention
: Kristen Staab
First Place: Ines Pujos

CMU Press Prize

Caroline Roper, "Kitchens"

Donna Grear Memorial Award:

Allison Seger

Hilary Masters Prize for Literary Nonfiction/Personal Essay (Judge: Jonathan Barnes)

Honorable Mention: Ellene G. Mobbs, "In Transit"
Honorable Mention
: Mackenzie Evan Smith, "The Naked Note Taker"
Third Place
: Caroline Roper, "Bean Juice"
Second Place
: Jackie Sizemore, "Why Paint a Room?"
First Place
: Shannon Deep, "How I Got My Wings"

Topol Prize (Fiction) (Judge: Dustin Parons)

Emily Nagin, "Day for Night"