Carnegie Mellon University

Declare Professional Writing

Students can declare a primary major, an additional major, or a minor in Professional Writing.

If students wish to declare a primary major in Professional Writing, they are asked to follow these steps:

  1. Students must first meet with an Academic Advisory Center (AAC) advisor to discuss interest in the program.
  2. Once students have done so, an AAC advisor requests they fill out a Major Declaration Questionnaire, which students will then provide to the English academic advisor, Laura E. Donaldson, via email or in person.
  3. After sending the Major Declaration Questionnaire to Laura Donaldson, students are asked to please make an appointment to meet with her to declare a primary major.

If students wish to declare an additional major* or minor in Professional Writing, they must make an appointment to meet with the English academic advisor, Laura E. Donaldson.

*Students cannot combine Professional Writing with Technical Writing & Communication due to significant course overlap.