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Rachael Mulvihill

Rachael Mulvihill

Ph.D. Student

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Area of Study

PhD in Literary and Cultural Studies


In my master’s thesis entitled, “Redefining Human in Hotel World and Remainder,” I examined how neoliberal regimes of labor and conditions of sociability are addressed within two contemporary novels to articulate a conversation between expressions of bodily vulnerability and precarity with discussions on economic exploitation. I continue to research how the intersection of neoliberal and social theory reveals the ways in which our bodies are conditioned by capitalism, how sociability defines our labor contracts, how precarity extends beyond the physical body, and how literature (novels, social media, legal documents, etc.) can offer microcosmic realms to digest and analyze these conditions.

My background as a paralegal, Institutional Review Board coordinator, as well as an adjunct professor in English and Women & Gender Studies leaves me in a unique position to examine these conditions from multiple literary and cultural avenues.


M.A. in English Literature with a Certificate in Creative Writing, The College at Brockport, NY 2018
B.A. in Creative Writing, The College at Brockport, NY, 2016
A.A.S. in Paralegal Studies, Finger Lakes Community College, NY, 2014


Contemporary British & Anglophone literature, the novel and the nation, neoliberalism, Marxism, social theory, cultural studies of economics, postmodernism


Editor of "Selected Readings on Race, Class, and Gender: An Exploration of Human Rights and the Effects of Capitalism"