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Reem Alghazzi

Reem Alghazzi

M.A. in Global Communication and Applied Translation

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Area of Study

MA in Global Communication and Applied Translation


Reem Alghazzi is a Syrian Artist. She has directed and produced several short films individually and as part of collectives. Her films have been screened at the Cinéma du réel in Paris and the Locarno International Film Festival. Alghazzi has published several articles and texts in local and Arabic websites/newspapers. Her work has been also presented in several exhibitions and in the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. In 2010, she established the Stories Film Lab, in Damascus. In 2023 she was awarded Samira Alkhalil’s Prize in Paris.


Studied English Literature and graduated from The High Institute of Dramatic Arts.