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Marian Aguiar

Marian Aguiar

Associate Professor of English

Area of Study

Gender Studies, Global Communication and Applied Translation, Literary and Cultural Studies


My fields of expertise include culture and globalization, postcolonial studies, and feminism. I have a particular interest in the study of South Asia and the South Asian diaspora. My most recent book, Arranging Marriage: Conjugal Agency in the South Asian Diaspora (University of Minnesota, 2018) looks at gendered cultural narratives produced in transnational contexts. I identify how narratives about arranged marriage bear upon questions of consent, agency, state power, and national belonging. My early research focused on mobility and modernity in South Asia. Tracking Modernity: India, Trains, and the Culture of Mobility (University of Minnesota, 2011), explores cultural representations of modernity by considering how the railway was imagined in colonial, nationalist and postcolonial South Asian contexts as a mobile space. I have continued to work on both transnationalism and the imagination of movement with my current book project Refugee Mobilities and in my capacity as co-editor of the Palgrave McMillan book series Studies in Mobilities, Literature and Culture.