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David Brown

David Brown

Associate Teaching Professor of English, Associate Director of First-Year Writing for Research and Assessment

  • Posner Hall 231 C


David West Brown holds a PhD in English and Education from the University of Michigan and a PhD in Linguistics from Lancaster University. His research examines writing as a social practice, its structures, and its history. Covering topics ranging from Singaporean identity performance in online discussion boards, to representations of gender in sports reportage, to the stylistic differences between higher and lower scoring essays on educational assessments, his work has appeared in American Speech, Research in the Teaching of English, Corpora, Sociolinguistics, and World Englishes. His books include: In Other Words: Lessons on Grammar, Code-Switching, and Academic Writing; and English and Empire, which investigates how African diasporic, Chinese, and Indian characters have been voiced in British fiction and drama produced between 1768 and 1929.

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