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Pre-screening Information

Performance Applicants

If you are applying to a performance area with a pre-screening requirement, you must submit videos to satisfy those requirements. Applicants who submit audio recordings of the pre-screening required pieces will not be considered or invited for a live audition.

Fall 2022 applicants: The following areas require pre-screening:

  • Flute
  • Piano
  • Tuba
  • Violin
  • Voice

Fall 2022 applicants: The following areas require portfolios by December 1:

  • Composition
  • Electronic Music
  • Music Education (graduate and certificate only)
  • Music & Technology (including Audio Recording & Production applicants)
  • Musicology (BXA only)

Music Education

MM and Certificate applicants should upload supporting documents via the application.

Carnegie Mellon accepts pre-screening materials as well as final recorded auditions and portfolios via the music application.

If you are auditioning by recording, you should choose final recorded audition/portfolio. If your program requires a pre-screening and you have chosen recorded audition as your audition location in the online application, you will not receive a pre-screening decision but rather one final decision.

Pre-screening or submission of additional application materials is required for applicants in the following areas:

Certificate Programs
Artist Diploma (unavailable for Fall 2022 applications)
BXA Musicology Composition Audio Recording & Production All Applicants
BXA Technology Concentration Flute Composition
Composition Music Education Flute
Flute Music & Technology Music Education
Music & Technology Piano Piano
Piano Violin Violin
Tuba Tuba Tuba
Violin Voice Voice