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School of Music Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee


The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is dedicated to gathering information and experiences from the School of Music community in order to support and improve the experiences of music students, faculty, and staff. The Committee works with the Head of the School of Music, the Student Advisory Board, and CMU’s Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion to foster an environment in which all members of the School of Music community feel safe and respected.

The School of Music Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee held its first meeting in December 2018. The members of the committee are available to discuss new ideas, questions, comments or concerns.

Committee Members

Thomas Douglas, co-chair, choral activities faculty
Megan Grady, co-chair, director of recruitment & enrollment
Jennifer Aylmer, voice faculty
Daniel Curtis, contemporary ensemble faculty
Jocelyn Dueck, collaborative piano faculty
Gabriel Garcia, undergraduate, voice
Kristin Heath, music librarian
Tucker Helms, undergraduate, composition
Sung-Im Kim, collaborative piano faculty
Krishna Raman, undergraduate alumni, voice
Alexa Woloshyn, musicology faculty
Monica Yunus, entrepreneurship faculty

Activities to Date

  • Gathered CFA and School of Music statistics from TartanDataSource
  • Researched School of Music major ensemble repertoire from 2014-2019 for analysis
  • Researched peer institution Diversity & Inclusion statements on websites
  • Held summer meetings with the Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion
    • Outcome: more student involvement in opening convocation Fall 2019
  • Conducted short surveys for first-year and current students, from August 1-September 2, 2019
    • Received 100+ responses
  • Results of survey were shared by the Student Advisory Board at October 17 student-only convocation
  • Hosted Forum Inspired by the Black Lives Matters Movement
  • Drafted short and long-term goals

Future Plans

  • Short survey for music faculty and staff
  • Focus groups with music students, faculty, and staff
  • Release of strategic plan for committee
  • Support and align with CFA Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Current CMU School of Music students who are interested in participating in the Diversity & Inclusion Committee are invited to complete this Google Form.
Feel free to contact any of the committee members named above with ideas, questions, comments or concerns. If you wish to submit feedback anonymously, please complete this Google form.