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ITIC Fund presented by CMU

We are excited to announce the ITIC Fund presented by Carnegie Mellon University.

The ITIC Fund encourages innovation and entrepreneurship with the CMU Community via the ITIC vehicle by harnessing expertise and ecosystem to nurture innovative companies.

For the startups that are chosen $500,000 of investment per startup will be awarded. Additional funding may be provided depending on business potential, market readiness and contribution to the industrial ecosystem in Taiwan.

What is ITIC? 

About the Industrial Technology Investment Corporation (ITIC)

ITIC harnesses deep technology expertise and a global ecosystem of resources to nurture innovative companies.

Established in 1979, ITIC is one of the oldest and most prestigious venture capital firms in Taiwan, and has invested over US$12 billion in companies across the globe. We've nurtured industrial leaders like UMC, AUO and TSMC - the world's first dedicated IC foundry - and boasts well over US$200 billion in market value.

ITIC's value proposition to startups flows from two distinct strengths.

  • The first is the plethora of tech expertise they can call on. As a subsidiary of the renowned Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) - with over 6,000 tech experts and 25,000 patents in robotics, advanced materials, biotech and more – they can support startups’ R&D and innovation in ways that few can rival.
  • The second strength is their global and fast-growing ecosystem of resources. They have built a strong web of partnerships with world-class manufacturers, top universities, research institutes, angel and CEO networks, national funds, etc. Whatever a startup needs, ITIC can tailor the precise mix of support to match.

Want to learn more? Visit ITIC.


  • Carnegie Mellon University students, alumni, professors or a friend of the CMU community
  • A completed business plan, view this document for details. Please make sure your pitch deck covers all the key highlights mentioned.

Application Process

  • Step 1 – Email your company's contact information as well as your business plan to Allyson Hince,
  • Step 2 – The Committee will review the applications and choose finalists. You will be notified via email of your application status.
  • Step 3 – The finalists will have the opportunity to give a presentation of their business to the Committee.
  • Step 4 – The selected finalist will go through post due-diligence process and close subsequently when all investment documents are completed.


For the startups that are chosen $500,000 of investment per startup will be awarded.

Additional funding may be provided.