Carnegie Mellon University
June 07, 2023

Merit Program and One-Time Payment

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of Carnegie Mellon’s academic and administrative leadership, I write to express our gratitude for your commitment to helping advance CMU’s institutional mission over this past academic year. As I mentioned at the State of the University address, I am pleased to share that the university is able to fund a larger merit program for FY24, whereby merit increases will continue to be directly aligned to an employee’s performance level. As in years past, following the completion of the salary planning process, eligible employees will be notified of their FY24 merit increase by their supervisor.

We also recognize the continued challenges of the current economic climate, and to further support our community during this inflationary environment, the university is once again implementing a one-time payment of $1,500 for all eligible faculty and staff, including Temporary Employment Services staff. The goal of this one-time payment is to assist employees in addressing the impacts of inflation that have persisted over the past year. We understand the additional burden of cost increases on our households, including food prices, energy and transportation expenses due to supply chain disruptions and geopolitical instability. We hope that this one-time payment helps ease some of this burden.

Faculty and staff can expect to receive this one-time distribution on either the final June bi-weekly pay date or the final June monthly pay date. Please note that employees with a pay currency other than USD will receive a foreign currency equivalent payment.

These programs are extensions of the holistic support efforts that we continue to grow for our employees at Carnegie Mellon. The enhancements to our family assistance programs, the launch of Employee Resource Groups, our staff development and leadership programs and the upcoming expansion of the Cyert Center are recent examples of the innovative programs that help foster an environment of holistic wellbeing, flexibility and inclusion at our university.

As part of our outstanding faculty and staff, you contribute so much to developing the potential of our students and elevating CMU’s research, creativity and impact, and we thank you for your passion, excellence and collaborative spirit that you continue to bring to our Tartan community.


Farnam Jahanian
Henry L. Hillman President’s Chair