Carnegie Mellon University
July 28, 2022

Statement from CMU President Farnam Jahanian on the Passage of the CHIPs and Science Act of 2022

"Today, after several years of hard work to build bipartisan consensus, Congress passed the landmark CHIPs and Science Act of 2022, which will help secure the future of innovation in America. This measure not only expands our nation’s leadership in semiconductor technologies, but also supports STEM education in K-12, the postsecondary system and worker training programs. And, of urgent importance to America keeping pace with global innovation, this legislation grows critical federal support for science and technology research. It is a truly historic bipartisan commitment to U.S. innovation and economic growth.
“Passage of this legislation is vitally important for Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania. Like never before, these measures will unleash new opportunities for innovation, workforce and education partnerships that engage our communities with the advanced technologies that have transformed our region, such as AI, robotics, energy and advanced manufacturing. This legislation embodies the proven Pittsburgh model of successfully harnessing the power of research and innovation to drive economic development, create jobs and spur regional revitalization for the benefit of all.
“I join the chorus of scientists, innovators, educators, students and public and private sector leaders in expressing deep gratitude to our House and Senate Representatives for this tremendous legislative win that will benefit our entire nation.”

- Farnam Jahanian, President, Carnegie Mellon University