Carnegie Mellon University
March 19, 2021

In Support of the Asian and Asian American Community

Dear Members of the CMU Community:

Last night, hundreds of Tartans came together virtually to express raw emotions — grief, fear, anger, anxiety and sadness — over the recent shootings in Atlanta, Georgia. Even as more details of this horrific crime unfold, what is undisputed is that six of the eight victims were women of Asian descent. So many of our community members are in incredible pain as a result of this recent violence, which has only compounded pre-existing vulnerability and fear after a year of increased xenophobic hatred and anti-immigrant cruelty. The heartfelt conversations last night were a powerful affirmation of our common bonds and shared humanity.

To the Asian and Asian American members of our community: Our hearts ache for what you are going through. I know you are feeling especially anxious and fearful after this tragedy, and as a result of attempts to racialize responsibility for the pandemic. Since last March, 3, 800 hate crimes and violent acts against Asians and Asian Americans have been reported to Stop AAPI Hate — with roughly two-thirds of these attacks directed at women. And those numbers are almost certainly an underreporting of such incidents.

Let me be clear: The CMU community condemns bigotry in all forms. It has no place in our community or in society. We must all come together to help put an end to the seemingly endless acts of hatred.

As we process this latest tragedy, Carnegie Mellon has a number of resources you can turn to, including the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion andCounseling and Psychological Services (CaPS). I urge you to continue taking care of yourselves and looking out for one another.

To all members of our community: It is a moral imperative that we speak out against bigotry and hatred directed at Asians and Asian Americans — and anyracial, ethnic, or marginalized group. Remember that offering an empathetic ear to those in pain can also be a powerful tool. Please, reach out to make your solidarity known. It’s an important part of being an ally, advocate, friend, classmate and colleague.

We all yearn for the day when this cycle of violence ends, but until that time, we must continue to stand together against racism and hatred in all its forms.


Farnam Jahanian
Henry L. Hillman President’s Chair