Carnegie Mellon University

June 24, 2019

Dear Members of the CMU Community:

I am pleased to share that earlier today we announced a transformational partnership between Carnegie Mellon University and Argo AI. This five-year, $15 million research grant from Argo AI will establish the Carnegie Mellon University Argo AI Center for Autonomous Vehicle Research.

Through this strategic partnership, CMU and Argo AI will research advanced perception and next-generation decision-making algorithms for autonomous vehicles. The center’s research will be conducted at the Robotics Institute and will involve faculty members and students from across CMU.

Argo AI has been committed to creating safer, more convenient and affordable transportation options since it was founded in 2016 by a team of CMU alumni and experts from across the industry. This dynamic and progressive company has been partnering with the university on autonomous technologies for the last three years.

Carnegie Mellon has been a pioneering leader in autonomous transportation, and as we continue to accelerate these revolutionary discoveries, we will shape the future of self-driving technologies. The collaboration between CMU and Argo AI will continue to advance important research that will address the consequences of technological innovation on society. The new center further cements the Pittsburgh region as the capital for this burgeoning industry.

I’m looking forward to the important developments from this significant expansion of the partnership with Argo AI.

Kind regards,

Farnam Jahanian
Henry L. Hillman Chair