Carnegie Mellon University

October 28, 2018

Dear Members of the CMU Community,

Carnegie Mellon University and its surrounding neighborhoods are intertwined. We depend upon each other, and we support each other. There are many personal connections between and within our communities, and these connections reinforce our common bonds.

Our extended community was tragically involved in the attack on the Jewish community yesterday. We are already aware that at least one of the victims had a close connection to Carnegie Mellon. Joyce Fienberg was the widow of long-time University Professor Steve Fienberg, and was herself a valued member of our community for almost 40 years. We mourn her loss and we stand ready to support her family and friends as needed.

Let us gather tomorrow at 5 p.m. in Rangos Auditorium.  We will honor those who were lost, reaffirm our values, and begin the process of moving forward together as a community.

Farnam Jahanian
Henry L. Hillman Chair