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Quickfire Interactive Talks

Delivered by faculty and graduate students to rapidly showcase innovative and effective teaching.

quickfire talk mckenna room 1

Molly McCarter

Leadership Development through Student Choice and Reflection

quickfire talk mckenna room 2

Aidan Kestigan

Blogging as Practice in Applied Philosophy

quickfire talk mckenna room 3

Maggie Braun

Multidimensional Student Growth in a First Year Program

quickfire talk mckenna room 4

Lauren Cook

Tackling Diverse Student Backgrounds Before, During and After Class

quickfire talk mckenna room 5

Jeria Quesenberry

Effective Strategies for Teaching Group Work


quickfire talk presenters connan room 1

Clayton Merrill, Catalina Achim

Teaching a Broad Spectrum: The Art and Science of Color

Jen Liu quickfire talk

Jen Liu

Soft Fabrication: Skills-based Microcourse in Ideate

Bob Monroe quickfire talk

Bob Monroe

TPR Hybrid MBA: online teaching strategies

Wiki wha quickfire talk

Ryan Roderick, Pierce Williams, Susan Tanner

"Wiki wha?": Using a wiki to enhance learning and transfer

lovett quickfire talk

Marsha Lovett

Is my teaching intervention working? How can I tell?


quickfire talk danforth room 1

Bryan Webler

If you can't write it down, you don't understand it

quickfire talk danforth room 2

Eleni Katrini

Blogs as Tools to Engage Students During Courses and Beyond

quickfire talk danforth room 3

Theresa Tardio

Community Engagement: Promising Practices in Global and Local Contexts

quickfire talk danforth room 4

Clive Newstead

Engaging Students in Mathematics Through Active Learning

quickfire talk danforth room 5

Daragh Byrne

The IDeATE Gallery