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Showcasing exciting CMU projects and evidence-based approaches. View each abstract by clicking the title of the poster.

Tepper Ready – a Self-guided, Online Readiness Course. Where We Were. Where We Are. Where We’re Going.
Barraclough, K., Liang, P., Telmer, C., Bird, A., & K. Henry

Developing an assessment for concepts in introductory statistics and data science
Burckhardt, P., Elliott, P., Evans, C., Lin, K., Luby, A., et al.

“Doing” the right thing for the right learning: Prediction-Observation-Explanation cycles improve students’ generalization of scientific principles.
Carvalho, P., Manke, K. & K. Koedinger

Accelerated Apprenticeship - Teaching Data Science Problem Solving Skills at Scale
Chen, L. & A. Dubrawski

Academic Coaching: What it is, why it is needed, how it has grown, and the direction it is going
Eley, T. C. & M. Poljak

Embedding Just-in-Time Low-Stakes Assessments to a Flipped Software Engineering Course
Erdogmus, H., Peraire, C., & S. Gadgil

The Design and Implementation of Integrated and Interdisciplinary Information Literacy Instruction
Gainey, M., Bharti, N., Marsteller, M., Wang, H., & S. Young

Using Problem-Based Learning in Engineering Ethics
Harrell, M.

Improving Student-Driven Feedback and Engagement in the Classroom: Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Speed Dating Model
Moussawi, S., Quesenberry, J., Weinburg, R., Sanders, M., & M. Lovett

Predicting STEM Employability for Disadvantaged Young People
Racine, N.

Relationship between consistency of student behavior and their performance in an online course
Sakr, M., Zhang, H., Dashti, C. & M. An

Online Mob Programming: A Collaborative Project-Based Learning Intervention
Sankaranarayanan, S., Dashti, C., An, M., Wang, X., Rosé, C., Sakr, M., & M. Hilton

The Assertion-Evidence Model of Slide Design in a Graduate Engineering Context
Shanmugaraj, N. & J. Wolfe

Digital Versus On-Paper Practice for Mastering and Applying Lewis Structures in Chemistry
Vuocolo, L., Gadgil, S., Weinberg, J., & C. Hershock

Teaching for Transfer through Comparative Genre Analysis in First-Year Writing @ CMU
Wetzel, D. & J. Wolfe

Shakespeare in Virtual Reality
Wittek, S.