Carnegie Mellon University

Eberly Center

Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation

Research on Learning and Teaching

This section features research articles and chapters that focus on the intellectual and social and motivational factors that impact learning and inform the work of the Eberly Center. It also includes a more general bibliography of articles related to teaching and learning.

Resources for Mentoring Faculty

This section features a guide for junior faculty and their mentors (pdf) and a guide for department heads (pdf) trying to foster a mentoring culture.

Resources for Documenting Your Teaching

This section provides an overview of planning and creating a teaching portfolio. It explains the common uses of a portfolio, describes the framing materials that should be included (such as the statement of teaching philosophy), and recommends supporting materials that can be used as evidence of teaching effectiveness. Graduate students interested in developing and documenting their teaching skills for a faculty career are encouraged to enroll in our Future Faculty Program.

Resources for Curriculum Review and Revision

This section provides a roadmap for the curriculum review and revision process, as well as sample materials drawn from Carnegie Mellon.

Publications and Archives

This section includes internal reports generated by Eberly and other groups on campus, external publications written by Eberly staff, and archives of past projects, programs, etc.