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Spring 2018 Faculty Programs

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Special Interest Group: Designing Transformational Interdisciplinary Courses

What does “interdisciplinary” mean regarding course design and student learning at CMU? Are there learning objectives that are unique to, or more likely to be addressed in, interdisciplinary courses (compared to disciplinary courses)? How can we directly measure these outcomes and the added value of an interdisciplinary learning experience? What teaching and course design strategies are most efficacious in this context? Through a series of hands-on activities and roundtable discussions, faculty colleagues will explore these questions and exchange ideas and strategies. Eberly colleagues will provide additional support for participants wishing to design, iterate upon, and/or study teaching strategies and learning outcomes in interdisciplinary courses.

The 3rd Annual CMU Teaching as Research (TAR) Institute: Which Active Learning Strategies Work Best: For What and For Whom?

A large body of research suggests that active learning improves student outcomes, yet questions still remain. For example, which active learning strategies best support student learning in problem-solving vs. discussion courses? Which strategies decrease the achievement gap for particular student groups? What implementation strategies enhance or impede the benefits of active learning? Can active learning positively impact classroom climate and students’ sense of inclusion and belonging? Rather than leaving these questions exclusively to laboratory research, this institute will prepare you to investigate the impact of different active learning approaches in the context of your own course – discovering what works best for learning and enhancing CMU education. Participation from all disciplines is encouraged, regardless of your prior experience with active learning or education research. The Eberly Center will support you in conducting this work, including study design, measurement, data analysis, and dissemination. Sign up today if you would like to join an interdisciplinary community of instructors conducting classroom research!

Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) Institute: Developing Online Learning Modules

Have you been wanting to create an online learning module or course for CMU students and beyond? This institute will help you learn about and apply a robust TEL toolkit that includes online learning platforms (Canvas & OLI) as well as pedagogical design strategies and workflows for development. Come with your ideas and content, and we will help match your intent to evidence-based online teaching strategies, including active learning for asynchronous and synchronous modes. You will identify one module to build during the week, with Eberly colleagues on hand to help as you go. Together, we will identify ways to assess the effectiveness of your online modules and to support your continued development efforts.

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