Carnegie Mellon University

Student Organization Leadership Development

Leading a student organization is a big responsibility, individually and collectively. It's important for student organization leaders to grow as individuals and for them to help their members reach their full potential as leaders and advocates for their organizations. 

From the running an effective meeting, managing budgets, organizing events, and everything in between, SLICE and partnerships across campus provide the resources you need to develop your own leadership skills and to push one another to dive deeper. 

Support for Your Student Organization

Lean on Your Expertise

Spend time early in the semester connecting with your organization advisor, national headquarters, and any partner departments across campus to see what trainings and support they have available to you and your leaders.  Many offer networking opportunities and dedicated trainings for categories of organizations such as Club Sports and Business-related organizations.

Request a SLICE Training

Connect with SLICE to request a training for your organization on skill-based topics, such as running effective meetings, facilitation techniques, event planning, marketing and promotion, effective leadership transitions, and managing your finances, and leadership development topics like developing effective communication skills, managing conflict and leadership theory exploration.

Organization Opportunities Across CMU

Explore other leadership trainings, programs and opportunities offered at Carnegie Mellon. Hone your leadership skills in an area that means a lot to you.