Carnegie Mellon University

Senior Leadership Recognition (SLR)

Every spring, staff and faculty across the university nominate graduating seniors who have made significant contributions during their time at Carnegie Mellon. While we have many talented and involved students in each graduating class, this recognition is reserved for those students who have made an unparalleled impact on our community, leaving CMU a better place as a result of their leadership, vision and initiative.

Nominations & Eligibility

  • Senior Leadership Recognition recognizes seniors who plan to graduate between December 2023 and August 2024. Nominations will be accepted from staff and faculty members from January 2024 through 11:59 PM on Tuesday, March 5th, 2024.
  • Eligible students who are nominated will be invited to share a one page (max 500 word) acceptance letter, reflecting on their leadership journey at Carnegie Mellon. The letter must be received in order to be eligible for the recognition. Information on how to submit this letter and prompts will be made available to the nominees in early April. To be eligible to be considered, students must be graduating in either December 2023, May 2024 or August 2024.
  • Additionally, the Dean of Students oversees a conduct review of all nominated students; students with any conduct records will have an opportunity to discuss that history with a Student Affairs representative.

Recognition Nomination Review & Ceremony

  • Review of nominations and letters of acceptance occurs in the spring semester by staff and faculty across the university. Final recipients will be notified in early May and will be invited to an in-person event on the Friday of Commencement weekend. Questions can be directed to Justin Pearl.
  • Ceremony Information:
    May 10th, 2024 
    Doors Open 4:00 P.M.; Ceremony at 4:30 P.M.
    Wiegand Gymnasium 
    Hors d'oeuvres & refreshments will be served

SLR Areas of Impact

Each recipient of this recognition has created a unique imprint on the culture and life of CMU through their contributions to academics and research, the arts, athletics, civic engagement and community development. Consider the following when nominating students:

Students display unparalleled leadership by demonstrating superior aptitude in their academic field of study while advancing research and making unique contributions to the intellectual life of the campus community. Through their work, research, and initiatives, they drive progress and solutions to problems. Nominees may engage in focused, individualized work on a sustained independent project; enhance the community’s commitment to academic excellence; utilize creative and novel methods for leading and supporting their fellow students in their academic pursuits; or demonstrate superior initiative in applying knowledge in the community.

Students display unparalleled leadership by utilizing their artistic talents and inquiry as a means of self-exploration or as a community catalyst. The contributions of the nominee have served to enhance opportunities for artistic development and appreciation within the Carnegie Mellon community. Nominees may also utilize their artistic talents to promote community development, reflect diversity towards encouraging inclusion, and facilitate conversations surrounding societal issues.

Students display unparalleled leadership by playing a significant role in athletic life through participation on campus athletic teams, sustained involvement in intramural activities or club sports, or commitment to advancing appreciation for the Carnegie Mellon athletic community. They embrace the role of being a scholar athlete and exhibit leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship both on and off the field through understanding of self and consistent demonstration of their values. These students actively seek opportunities to help teammates learn, grow and develop as individuals.

Students display unparalleled leadership as they leverage their individual skills through volunteer and/or philanthropic initiatives to positively impact the CMU, Pittsburgh, and/or global community. These outstanding students exemplify a commitment to the sustainability of their efforts and an understanding of the needs of the community.

Students display unparalleled leadership via active engagement in campus organizations and broad-based campus improvement initiatives. These students contribute to the metacurricular experience at Carnegie Mellon through sustained community-oriented activity in clubs and student organizations, residential house communities, fraternities and sororities, advisory councils, student government, or other student leadership roles. These students devote a substantial amount of effort in support of others, actively seeking opportunities to help others learn, grow and develop as individuals in areas related to wellness, diversity, spirituality and social responsibility. Nominees may also utilize their individual leadership skills to foster a more diverse and inclusive community at Carnegie Mellon.