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Our program offerings are open to all students. Access to each program can be obtained via the links provided. Simply click on the appropriate program and follow the instructions.

Course Aligned Support

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support model that utilizes peer-assisted study sessions. The SI program provides regularly scheduled review sessions on course materials outside the classroom. SI is a non-remedial approach to learning as the program targets high-risk courses and is available in select courses based on data related to past student performance and feasibility.

Students enrolled in SI-supported courses will be able to access the sessions through a link posted to the course Canvas site or through a calendar invite directly from the SI Leader, depending on professor preferences.

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Peer Tutoring is offered in two formats:

Drop-in Tutoring

Drop-In tutoring targets our highest demand courses through regularly scheduled open tutoring sessions during the fall and spring semesters.

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Tutoring Appointments

Tutoring appointments are ongoing individualized and small group sessions for students seeking support related to their coursework. Tutoring aims to provide services to any requested course. 

We are accepting requests and will be matching you with appropriate tutors as soon as we are able.

The Study Partners program is designed to assist you in the formation of a study group for your course. This level of support is open to any course where the instructor requests or agrees such support is appropriate and students are interested in both leading and participating.

Tools to Create Your Own Study Group

The Student Academic Success team is available to partner with instructors and departments to identify skills or concepts that would benefit from supplemental offerings (workshops, boot camps) to support students’ academic success and learning.  We are eager to help convene and coordinate outside of the classroom skill-building opportunities that can be open to any student interested in building skill or reinforcing course concept mastery.

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Skill Aligned Support

Academic Coaching provides holistic one-on-one peer support and group workshops to help students find and implement their conditions for success. We assist students in improving time management, productive habits, organization, stress management, and study skills. Students will request support through the Academic Success Center website and attend in-person meetings or meet using video and audio conferencing technology to provide all students with support.

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More than 60% of graduate students at Carnegie Mellon are international students, and others are nonnative speakers of English who have attended high school or undergraduate programs in the US. Many of these students want to hone their language and cross-cultural skills for academic and professional success. Students can choose from sessions on 

  • how to give a strong presentation, 
  • writing academic emails, 
  • expectations and strategies for clear academic writing, 
  • how to talk about yourself as a professional in the U.S., 
  • developing clearer pronunciation, 
  • using accurate grammar,
  • building fluency, and more. 

Students can make an appointment with a Language Development Specialist to get individualized coaching on language or cross-cultural issues.

Register for Language Support Classes or Sign Up for 1-on-1 Language Support

The Student Academic Success Center is also charged with certifying the language of International Teaching Assistants (ITAs), ensuring that nonnative English speakers have the language proficiency needed to succeed as teaching assistants in the Carnegie Mellon classroom. Students preparing to do an ITA Certification should plan to take classes offered by the language support team at the SASC from the beginning of their first semester. Start by contacting the language support team at the SASC website or attend a Language Support Orientation at the SASC or in your department.

Our campus workshops are interactive sessions free to the Carnegie Mellon community and focused on teaching specific communication strategies with hands-on practice. Topic focus on both academic communication and communicating in professional workplaces. The workshop instructors are experts in their topics, and include doctoral students, senior staff, and distinguished faculty from around the university. We also offer tailored workshops for classes and programs in dozens of disciplines. Navigate the links below to find out how we can best help you.

All GCC face-to-face workshops will be canceled until further notice and students will be referred to recorded workshops. (GCC workshops delivered in official, registrar-supported classes will continue as planned after the GCC consults with the instructor of record).

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If this is your first appointment with us or your fifteenth, we're happy to help you at any stage of the composition process. Work one-on-one with our communication specialists.  GCC tutors teach you new strategies for communicating research, proposals, presentations, essays, and applications.  We work with all CMU students, from first-year undergraduates through Ph.D. students publishing papers and dissertations

Sign up for an appointment as usual  on our online scheduler, accessible via the Global Communication website, and be sure to upload your draft in advance. Check your email. You will receive a Zoom invite. Join at your appointed time with computer audio only. Your tutor will be sharing his or her screen with you. You will also have the option of recording your Zoom session.

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Other Support

Disability Resources stands ready to connect via email, telephone, and Zoom with faculty, staff, and students regarding accommodations and exam accessibility questions and concerns while utilizing online instruction. All student appointments are conducted via Zoom or phone appointments until further notice.

All accommodations that a student received in in-person classes will carry over to the remote instruction format. Some students may require additional accommodations for the remote instruction format that they did not require for in-person course delivery. Please reach out to Disability Resources at if you have questions or concerns about additional accommodations that may be relevant given the change in delivery.

The testing center will not be operational; however, we are happy to talk to students and faculty about any and all unique needs and concerns.

The Tartan Scholars program was created to provide support for limited resourced students through an intentional first year experience with the goals of enhancing the cohort’s skill and community building through a lens of self -authorship, growth mindset, and a sense of belonging. As part of the Student Academic Success Center, Tartan Scholars are invited to join the University and participate in summer initiatives and pre-orientation activities prior to their first year at the University.

The Tartan Scholars program will engage directly and in groups via Zoom or Google Hangouts Meet as appropriate. Program staff and mentors will be connecting directly with Tartan Scholars students in order to facilitate both personal support and community connection.

There are opportunities for graduate students to serve as accountability, learning, or development partners, workshop facilitators, and presenters. Contact Diane Hightower for more details.

Not sure where to start?

Staff members are available throughout the week to help get you connected with the appropriate resources. Use this form to answer a few questions and schedule a 30-minute Zoom meeting to get started!