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Learning and Development

We are always learning. CMU faculty, staff and alumni collaborate with the Center in an effort to continuously strive for an equitable and diverse campus.

tartan-voices-2023_stacked_wordmark_with-tagline.jpgThe Tartan Voices Survey was designed to help university leadership better understand students’ experiences related to individual sense of belonging as well as the diversity and inclusion of the campus environment. The survey launched in the spring of 2023. CMU is committed to using this data to improve our educational practice. 

Past studies of the student experience related to diversity and inclusion include the 2018 CMU Voices study and the 2016 Discriminatory and Harrassing Behavior (DaSH) Study.

Gandhi Community Celebration

The Gandhi Community Celebration is an annual program collaboratively developed by a committee comprised of the Alliance for Humanitarian Initiatives Non-Violence and Spiritual Advancement, the Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion, and community partners from various universities, colleges, and community organizations.

Racism is Real

The Racism is Real lecture series offers the campus community insight into the reality of racial prejudice and discrimination by highlighting current research and researchers working in this area.

Tartan Allies

Tartan Allies is a series of sessions offered to CMU faculty, staff, and students to foster a network of people who are committed to working toward an affirming environment for all at CMU. In particular, the series focuses on being an ally to those in the LGBTQ+ community. Tartan Allies is made up of three progressive sessions, with participants free to choose the number they wish to complete. As our name suggests, being an ally is not a passive behavior. Good and effective allies listen, learn and act. Join us for Tartan Allies sessions if you are interested in becoming part of this inclusive and supportive community.

If you have completed Safezone training before we encourage you to participate in Tartan Allies to ensure you stay current with the information you have and remain a part of this network of people committed to creating an inclusive community here at CMU.

Bias Busters @ CMU

The Center in partnership with colleagues across campus and in our School of Computer Science, who originally piloted Bias Busters @ CMU (modeled after Google's Bias Busters @ Work), will be hosting several trainings for the campus community. Learn more about Bias Busters @ CMU. Registration is required to attend a training and spots are limited so please sign up as soon as possible, or at least 24 hours before the scheduled training.

Email with any questions.

MOSAIC Conference

Building on the work of previous iterations, MOSAIC centers intersectionality as the root of our understanding of identity. As a regional conference, MOSAIC pulls in key partners from the Greater Pittsburgh community to create space and provide tools for conversations about intersectional identities. Attendees will discuss the multiple layers of identity and how to apply this understanding both inside and outside of academic spaces. 

Learn more about MOSAIC