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Civic engagement momentum at CMU starts with PACE. A collaborative student and staff initiative, Partners Allied in Civic Engagement (PACE) envisions and implements strategies and programming to increase civic engagement at Carnegie Mellon.

Whether you are a student wanting to get involved in the community, or a student organization planning an event, explore the ways that PACE can support you in your civic engagement journey.

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opportunities for action

PACE coordinates direct service and philanthropic opportunities, organizes programming and annual events, and develops a network of student leaders committed to civic engagement.

opportunities for learning

PACE strives to grow the community's collective understanding of a particular social issue by exploring a series of educational opportunities through an annual theme. PACE incorporates issue education and reflection into each of their service projects.


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One-Time Service Opportunities

Dedicate your time and passion to a single issue alongside your CMU community members.

Service Saturdays

Service Saturdays, offered weekly throughout the year, are a great way to get out into the Pittsburgh community and volunteer for unique, one-time service opportunities. Sign up solo or with a friend for as few, or as many, Service Saturdays that interest you.

All projects are accessible via public transportation or transportation will be provided.

Image of students volunteering at a Scotty Saturdays event

Customizable Programming

PACE is here to help you create your ideal civic engagement experience.

Individualized Opportunities

PACE can coordinate individualized service opportunities for individuals or groups to make an impact in our local community. Potential service areas of impact include:

  • Adult Education and Literacy
  • Animal Support
  • Art and Culture
  • Children and Youth
  • Disaster Relief
  • Environmental Protection and Preservation
  • Health and Wellness       
  • Homelessness and Hunger 
  • Renovation-Revitalization-Repair
  • Senior Care