Carnegie Mellon University

Staff & Faculty Volunteer Opportunities

You have so much to offer beyond the classroom or office. SLICE provides a variety of experiences and opportunities where CMU faculty and staff can volunteer their time and expertise to support the student experience and the community.

Whether you volunteer at events, mentor a student, provide professional development or host an activity, SLICE has an opportunity that is the right fit for you.

Be an Advisor

Student organizations and Greek Chapters are looking for faculty or staff who are motivated to provide guidance and to act as a touch-point for student leadership throughout the academic year. This is a great opportunity to get 1:1 interaction with students, with the support of SLICE.

Review Awards

During the spring semester, SLICE needs staff and faculty volunteers to review applications, nominations and speeches for various university awards and ceremonies to recognize the significant contributions from students and student organizations.

Volunteer at Events

Whether it's flipping omelets for hungry students during finals, prepping students during Buggy or hosting an activity on behalf of your department, there are a wide variety of opportunities in civic engagement and campus traditions to support students and their events throughout the academic year.