Carnegie Mellon University

Accessing Space for Student Organizations

As a Carnegie Mellon student organization, you have the ability to obtain a mailbox and access to buildings to conduct your organization's business. Follow SLICE's guidelines for requesting access to an office, closet, cabinet or cage space, as well as tips for your CMU ID activation or SLICE Access card.

Designate a Space Access Administrator

As part of the Student Organization Space Allocation Process, you must first designate a Space Access Administrator. Organizations with space in the University Center, East Campus Garage, Stever House, the Frame Gallery, and/or the Margaret Morrison storefronts, must designate one Space Access Administrator within their organization to facilitate and to manage member access to their assigned spaces and to liaison with the SLICE Office regarding any issues or needs. Please make sure that this individual is listed as the admin in your organization's Bridge roster.

Types of Access Requests

The Space Access Administrators can submit access requests for an individual member or multiple (bulk) members by submitting the Space Access Request Form, located in the forms section of the SLICE Student Activities Bridge page. This online form can be utilized to upload the Bulk Member Request or fill in fields to request access for one member.

Access Dates: Academic Year (Aug 1 - May 27)

*This service is not being utilized at this time.*

The Space Access Administrators should utilize the Bulk Member Request form when requesting access for more than two members.

  • This form will ask for: First and Last Name, Andrew ID, Email, CMU or Non-CMU Status, Access Start Date, Access End Date, and Type of Access Needed (some organizations have different types of spaces or multiple spaces).
  • Upload the Bulk Member Request Form into the Space Access Request form. You may locate the type of access needed by viewing the Access Type document.
If your organization has members that are not part of the CMU Community and are permitted to have access to space, then mark on the Space Access Request Form that the individual is a non-CMU member. This individual will receive a SLICE Access Card. The SLICE access card will need to be picked up in the SLICE First Floor Office (please carry photo ID while on campus). This access card can be remotely updated like the CMU ID. $5 will be charged to the individual for replacement cards.

CMU ID & SLICE Card Access

Once a Space Access Request Form has been submitted, a SLICE staff member will update the requested access to the individual's CMU ID or SLICE Access Card within 24 business hours.

Note: You may need to get your CMU ID encoded (activate the chip) if you have not lived in Housing within the last two years. Stop by the SLICE First Floor Office or you can go to Housing.

Members can tap their CMU ID or SLICE Access Card on the lock. First-time access or change-in access will require the lock to "wake" up to download the new information. This process can take 30-40 seconds (sometimes less). Please tap the card again to gain entry. Some locks will need a pin to enter. The pin is a 4 digit code (the birthday of the individual: MM/DD).

You can utilize the CBORD Mobile ID app to receive a six-digit temporary lock-out code. You must be close to your lock and logged into the CMU-Secure WiFi on your mobile device to activate the app. Make sure you push the # button on the keypad before entering the six-digit code.

Contact the SLICE Office at 412-268-8704 or to let the staff know what the lock is indicating. For example: what color light are you seeing? Is it steady or flashing? This will indicate what type of issue you might be experiencing.

University Center Allocations Board (UCAB)

Next Allocation Process: 2020-2022

Space allocations is facilitated every two years. The next time Student Government recognized organizations can apply for space in the UC Offices, UC Cabinets, or the East Campus Garage Basement will be during the spring 2022 semester.

Accessing Mailboxes

Mail delivered to student organizations will be deposited in their mailboxes located next to the Information Desk. Individual student mailboxes are located on the lower level across from the Career and Professional Development Center. To request a student organization mailbox, visit the SLICE office front desk.

If your organization has received a package, there will be a receipt in your organization's mailbox. Turn in this receipt to the Information Desk to claim your package.

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AB Concerts 145
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Alpha Phi Omega 157
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All students living in Greek Housing facilities must understand and adhere to the following Greek policies for accessing space. Unless otherwise noted in the Greek Housing policies, students are expected to follow Housing policies.