Carnegie Mellon University

The core value of the Department of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University is the promotion of community through courtesy, respect, for individuals of all backgrounds. The Diversity & Inclusion Committee is tasked with advising on and implementing initiatives, within the department, that promote a collegial professional environment where all individuals can thrive free from harassment, intimidation, or disrespect.

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee in the Department of Psychology is tasked with:

  • Increasing awareness and understanding of structural biases that can impact sense of belonging within our departmental community. 
  • Advising on specific policies and procedures to increase the diversity and integration, at all department levels, across many facets of identity.

Initiatives of the D&I Committee include:

  • Organizing the first departmental forum on Diversity & Inclusion (2017).
  • Codifying the department’s Statement on Community Values.
  • Implementing regular community climate surveys at all levels of the department.
  • Organizing social gatherings to promote cross-talk across departmental strata.
  • Establishing procedures to promote underrepresented researchers at departmental brown bags and colloquia.
  • Restructuring faculty hiring procedures to remove barriers to scholars from underrepresented and minoritized groups.

Current Members:

  • Kody Manke (Chair)
  • Chante Cox-Boyd Ph.D. (Teaching Faculty Rep)
  • Christi Gomez (Staff Rep)
  • Roberto Vargas (Postdoc Rep)
  • Emefa Akwayena and Kim Nestor (Graduate Reps)