Carnegie Mellon University


Though many students complete summer internship and research programs outside of Carnegie Mellon University, you can also receive course credit for your internship during the academic year.

Clinical Research Course (85-480)

You will attend class once per week where you will discuss mental health treatment techniques and relevant research. You will also work alongside psychology professionals at designated field placements and get hands-on clinical experience.

Prerequisite for this course - 85-104 Psychopathology, minimum B grade.

Internship in Psychology

One option for a current internship experience is through Youth Enrichment Services.

Internship Title: Community Engagement Intern - Youth Enrichment Services
Status: Part-time / Project-based
Description: Youth Enrichment Services (YES) is seeking an intern for the 2024-2025 academic year who can work a minimum of 9 hours per week. This new position will work closely with Dr. Deanna Sinex, the director of research and program strategy at YES, to develop organizational infrastructures at YES, including the intern onboarding and training package, research course curriculum, staff support system; and to support research initiatives directed by Dr. Sinex, including student research project advisory, YES semesterly reports, and planning of the Summer Learn and Earn program. It will provide ample opportunities for community engagement, community-based research, problem-solving, strategic planning, critical thinking, proposal writing, and project management. This internship will be supported by the Psychology Department at CMU, and the intern can get credits for this position.
Contact: Interested individuals should contact Aiwen Chen for more details and next steps.

You can also receive course credit for internships outside of the university that are directly relevant to your coursework. To receive credit, you must have both an on-site internship supervisor and a faculty sponsor.  

If you are interested in receiving credit for an offsite internship, submit a completed internship form to Emilie O'Leary in Baker Hall 343.