Carnegie Mellon University

The Carnegie Mellon Department of Psychology is committed to undergraduate education. 

Our goal is for all of our students to have a world-class educational experience.  We want to help you make the most of your time at Carnegie Mellon, from succeeding in coursework to getting involved in independent research.  We hope you find the resources on this website helpful in reaching both your academic and professional goals. 

If you have questions, please contact Erik Thiessen, Director of Undergraduate Education or Emilie O’Leary, Senior Academic Advisor. 

Customize your Coursework

We strive to provide you with flexibility, so that you can choose the courses that best fit your interests.  Both departmental and individual advising (with your assigned faculty mentor) can help you decide what program of study will best help you to achieve your goals after graduation. 

For more information about your degree requirements, visit Majors and Minors

Visit the course catalog and the current schedule of classes to learn more about psychology elective options.

Get Involved in Research

Because of our small size, you have the rare opportunity to work closely with a faculty mentor as early as your freshman year.  Your instructors are conducting ground-breaking research in many areas of Psychology, and we strongly encourage you to consider becoming a research assistant in a faculty laboratory.

Research experience helps to make you a competitive applicant for Undergraduate Research Grants and prepare you to complete a Senior Thesis Project.  After you graduate, employers and graduate school admissions committees will also look favorably on the analytical and practical skills you have gained.

Participant Pool:  This is the link to experiments for students taking 100-level or 200-level psychology courses and have a research requirement associated with the course. Only those students have access to this website:

Plan your Next Steps

Take advantage of the career resources available to you!  If you’re planning to continue your education, see our tips for asking for recommendation letters.  If you’re interested in entering the workforce, check out our Careers page, where we list information about available positions.   If you’re not quite sure where to go yet, try reading about what past graduates are doing now to get some ideas.