Carnegie Mellon University

Teaching Assistantships

You may serve as a teaching assistant for multiple courses within the Psychology Department including:

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Research Methods
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Child Development
  • Advanced Psychology Seminars

To become a teaching assistant, you must submit an application (see below). Your duties may include grading tests and assignments, helping students with course material, holding exam review sessions, and holding recitations. You must demonstrate professionalism and knowledge of the course’s subject matter (e.g. excellent prior performance in the course, related coursework, etc.) to be granted a Teaching Assistantship.

If you are interested in becoming a Teaching Assistant, please complete the application and send it to Emilie O’Leary

Paid Teaching Assistantships

You can elect to be paid for serving as a Teaching Assistant.  Hourly rates are typically well above minimum wage.  The number of hours required vary, depending on the course and the needs of the faculty instructor. 

85-294 Teaching Assistantship Course

For certain courses in which Teaching Assistants are expected to mentor and/or teach students, you can elect to receive course credit for your work. 

As a part of 85-294, you will learn about teaching practices in addition to completing your other duties (grading, etc.). Depending on the needs of the course and the preference of the instructor, you could:

  • Develop and apply a grading rubric
  • Help to design the course syllabus
  • Lead a recitation or review session

This option is only available for some courses, so if you are interested in receiving course credit for your teaching assistantship, you should discuss this option with the course instructor.